The Creighton Lodge Trust Committee is formed of representatives from the 5 Rural Municipalities that own and operate Creighton Lodge; The RM of Estevan No.5, the RM of Benson No.35, the RM of Cymri No.36, the RM of Coalfields No.4 and the RM of Cambria No.6. The Trust Committee also welcomes Members at Large to volunteer as a member.

The Trust committee’s role is to fundraise for Creighton Lodge in order to assist the Lodge to provide safe, affordable housing for the seniors of Southeast Saskatchewan. With the assistance of the Trust Committee, Creighton Lodge continues to enrich the lives of the seniors who independently reside at the lodge by providing a socially invigorating environment that nurtures each resident spiritually, nutritionally while ensuring they live in a safe, secure home.

The relationship that the Trust Committee has formed with the United Way Estevan is very special.  United Way Estevan has assisted Creighton Lodge Trust to complete many projects over the years and to also bring special events to enrich the lives of the senior citizens in Southeast Saskatchewan.  The Day of Caring that United Way Estevan hosts each year is also an important part of the exterior maintenance and gardening program at the Lodge.

Creighton Lodge relies on volunteers within our activity and musical programs.  United Way Estevan ensures that we have the supplies needed to carry out these programs and to recognize our valued volunteers.  Our volunteers dedicate many hours to our programs and we appreciate them!