Creighton Lodge is a senior’s enriched living complex owned by a group of surrounding municipalities.   The facility is a safe living environment for 45 seniors that are Level 1 and 2, or able to care for themselves with the assistance of homecare or family.

The Creighton Lodge Trust Committee provides funds for the maintenance and repair of the building,  as well as programming for residents.  Trust Committee members include the RM of Estevan No.5, the RM of Cymri No.36, the RM of Coalfields No. 4, the RM of Cambria No.6, the  RM of Benson No. 35, the Town of Midale, the Town of Bienfait, the Village of Roche Percee and the City of Estevan.  The Trust Committees describes their goals as offering anxiety free living to residents by staffing the building 24 hours, providing 1 to 3 meals per day to those who need the assistance, creating a happy, friendly atmosphere for residents as well as giving them a sense of belonging and being needed.  The Trust achieves these goals by making improvements to the building and activity programs to the benefit of residents.