Want to make your donation to us?

Want to make your donation to us? Here’s how:

By mail: United Way Estevan Box 611 Estevan, SK S4A 2A5 Postage not required if mailed through Estevan Post Office. Your receipt will be mailed to you later.


At any bank or credit union in Estevan: You can drop off your donation by Nov. 16th. A receipt will be given to you there.

Don’t worry if you didn’t phone in your pledge. Your donation will still help our deserving member agencies and community impact projects.

Thank you so much for your donation!

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Saskatchewan Abilities Council

The purpose of the Saskatchewan Abilities Council is to provide and assist optimal independence and active participation in all aspects of society for people with disabilities.

Programs and services include: Camp Easter Seal, Farmers with Disabilities Program, Farm Safety Program in schools, orthopaedic services and an Adaptive Technologist who visits the area to assist residents in increasing their independence. We offer, through loan or sale, special needs equipment.

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St. Joseph’s Health Care Auxiliary

St. Joseph’s Health Care Auxiliary was formed October 15, 1938.  Our mission is to support the hospital, not only with volunteer services, but also assisting with the quality of care for the whole person, body, mind and spirit, and financially by buying equipment.

The Auxiliary operates a gift shop and in-hospital mobile canteen service for the convenience of patients, visitors and staff.  Patients can arrange for telephone and television rental through the Health Care Auxiliary.  Auxiliary funds are used for Christmas gifts for patients in long term care and new born babies.  Auxiliary members frequently prepare favours for and visit with patients.…

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Muscular Dystrophy Canada

Muscular Dystrophy Canada is a not-for-profit organization committed to finding a cure for neuromuscular disorders through well funded research.  Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s dedicated volunteers and staff across the country raise funds to enhance the lives of those affected by over 150 different kinds of neuromuscular disorders by continually working to provide ongoing support and resources.

Muscular Dystrophy is the name for a group of neuromuscular disorders that are characterized by progressive weakness and wasting of the voluntary muscles that control body movement.  Over time, persons with neuromuscular disorders may lose the ability to walk, speak, and ultimately breathe.  For some individuals, the disorder is fatal.  There is currently no cure.

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Estevan Family Resource Centre

Our main objectives are to increase public awareness and to educate members of society to prevent child abuse, as well as to develop needed treatment and education programs for victims, families and offenders.  Our mission is to promote the development of happy, healthy children and families and to celebrate their value.


The Family Centre offers a central family-focused facility that links families to existing programming and offers resources and opportunities to parents and caregivers.


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Estevan Regional Nursing Home Auxiliary

Estevan Regional Nursing Home Auxiliary provides comfort and care for residents of the nursing home who may not be able to care for themselves.  Funds received from United Way Estevan assist the Auxiliary in carrying out programs and activities for residents.

Activities include monthly birthday parties with music and treats.  Treats are also provided on other special occasions including Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  The Auxiliary supports occasional outings such as the Twinkle Tour at Christmas and periodic shopping trips.  Residents also receive gifts at Christmas time.…

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Estevan Family and Friends Inc.

Estevan Family and Friends is a local advocacy group interested in supporting those with intellectual disabilities in and around Estevan.  We believe that everyone should have a choice as to where they want to live and work and what role they would like to play in their community.  We encourage those with intellectual disabilities to get involved in their community through leisure, employment and recreational opportunities.  Whether people choose to live in group homes, assisted living or independent living, Family and Friends provides the supports necessary for them to be included and accepted in their community.…

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Estevan Diversified Services Inc.

Estevan Diversifed Serices (EDS) is a community-based organization that exists to provide a diverse range of vocational and residential services to adults with intellectual disabilites.  Estevan Diversified Services, Inc. was founded on the belief that persons with intellectual disabilities have the same rights as all Canadians, to live, work, and enjoy recreational activites within their community.  To that end, EDS offers programs aimed at achieving a safe, healthy, and productive environment intended to promote and enhance social interaction, personal development, and self sufficiency.


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