40 Years United

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the 40th annual United Way Telethon!  Our official off-air total was $372,394, and none of it couldn’t have happened without the support of Estevan!

To our performers, who entertained us throughout the thirty-three hours – you were phenomenal!  From singing to dancing to live theater, the entertainment this year was fantastic!

To everyone who donated to our bid items, as well as the Helping Hands quilting guild for the donation of their quilt for the raffle!

To everyone who donated food through the telethon, listed below.  You kept our volunteers going through the telethon!

To everyone who donated time or equipment, without you we wouldn’t be able to run this or have it set up or taken down as quickly as we do!

To our member agencies, who not only took time out of their days to join us at the Telethon and talk to us but for everything they do for the community of Estevan!

And finally, to everyone in the community who donated and came down to the hall – you are the reason we reached our goal, and the reason that our member agencies can do the amazing work they do!…

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